To reserve your tee time or sign up for a competitive event (see the sports calendar), contact us by phone or E-mail:

Tel. : +41(0)26 414 94 60


In order to confirm reservations, we ask players from abroad to present a handicap card or proof confirming their handicap, bank card references, including the expiry date and, if possible, a portable phone number.

Maximum handicap:

Men ≤ AP

Women ≥ AP


The rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St-Andrews are applied. Immovable obstructions (R 24.2):
Immovable obstructions are defined as: trees supported by stakes, fixed sprinkler heads, protection nets, accesses fitted with plastic cavities, gravel or tarmac paths, wooden stairs, logs, and the path along hole N°4.

At hole N°8: If the ball comes to rest in the water hazard, the player may play from the dropping-zone situated to the right of the green (with 1 penalty point).
A player is entitled to an R24.2 clearance without a penalty, one club length, without nearing the hole, if:
– his ball lies in the gravelled part behind the green (between the wooden supporting wall and the green),
– the player is hampered by the yellow pickets or the cord in front of the green.

If a ball touches a yellow picket or the cord in front of the green, the shot is replayed with no penalty. Forming an integral part of the course: all blocks of stone found on the course (holes 3, 9, 12). Stones in bunkers are removable obstructions. (R24.1)

Ball sunk into its pitch: On the fairway, a ball sunk into its pitch can be removed, cleaned and dropped without any penalty, as closely as possible to the point where it lay, but not closer to the hole.
Penalty for breaking a local rule: Stroke-play: 2 points – Matchplay: loss of the hole.
Only local rules posted near tee N° 1 have the force of law.
Devices for measuring distances (lasers or GPS) are authorized (R14/3).
Distances (white plates) are positioned 135 m from the entrance to the green.



Please pay due respect to golf etiquette, the course, other players and the staff working on the golf-course.
– Please repair your pitches and divots.
– Please avoid playing slowly: comply with the playing times printed on the score card and keep an appropriate distance from the flight in front.
– It is forbidden to go looking for golf-balls in off-limit areas.
– In the event of an accident, you will be held responsible (RC insurance obligatory for players).
Holes N°7 and 17: For maintenance and security reasons, it is forbidden to play in the water hazard between holes N°7 and 17. Players must drop their balls outside the obstacle, with a penalty shot in compliance with Rule 26.1.